Function & Form – Coilovers Type 3 – Prelude (5th Gen)

Damping 24-Step One-Way Adjustable Ride Height Independent Ride Height Adjustment Separate From Spring Pre-Load Lower Mounts Powdercoated Steel Lower Mounts And Tabs For Factory Brake Lines & ABS Sensors Damper Oil High-Viscosity Fluid For Improved Thermal Stability And Superior Damping Characteristics Shock Design Monotube Shocks With Large Fluid Valve Assembly And Oil Chambers Radial Bearing […]

Function & Form – Coilovers Type 2 – Prelude (5th Gen)

Damping 32 levels of damping. damping adjustments made with a knob that “clicks” at each level Ride height Adjustable separate of pre-load Mounts Steel lower mounts for maximum strength, top mounts included Oil Lubrication Special oil lubrication to withstand conditions from -40 degrees Celsius to 200 degrees Celsius Shock Design Dual tube shock design for […]