Doryoku Track Bar V2 – Prelude (5th Gen)

We discovered the Prelude has a bumper trim that bolts onto the stock beam & we were able to retain that. This piece is critical because the bumper doesn’t wrap over the upper radiator support like EG EK DC2. The bumper is hung & fasten down to this bracket. 

• OEM bumper beam, bracket & foam weighs 28.6lbs

Doryoku bumper track bar & OEM bracket weighs 11.3lbs 

☆ 17.3lbs weight savings is huge. Most importantly it’s removed from the nose of the car. 

☆ We opened up +11″ of space behind the bar to allow for FMIC, tuck radiator, forward facing turbo, oil cooler, ducting.  

The details of this bar shows how much more complicated it is compared to others. More material, welding & CNC laser cut parts with CNC bending. 

Like all of our other bars, special options of M6 mounting pucks, tow hooks, tow strap brackets, splitter rod mounts & custom powder coating are available for extra.

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